Workplace Reminders for the Guys Working in Your Hired Cool Room


If you are in the retail business, then it is imperative to look out for opportunities that will help you maximise your sales and profits. For instance, warm summers are the perfect time to take advantage of people's cravings for ice cream, cold yoghurts, milkshakes, and salads. Even if you don't often sell this stuff because of their storage demands, you can hire a cool room for proper storage while minting your profits as the days go by.

11 January 2017

Problems with Sewing Thread Snapping? Quick DIY Solutions


It's so annoying when the thread keeps snapping when you're using your sewing machine. But what could be causing this problem, and how can you fix it? Cheap, Fluffy Thread Never use cheap thread in your sewing machine; keep it for hand-tacking. Poor-quality thread often becomes fluffy as it runs through the machine, causing the machine to jam and snap the thread. Incorrect Tension Setting A common cause of snapping thread is that the machine tension is incorrect.

5 January 2017