Workplace Reminders for the Guys Working in Your Hired Cool Room


If you are in the retail business, then it is imperative to look out for opportunities that will help you maximise your sales and profits. For instance, warm summers are the perfect time to take advantage of people's cravings for ice cream, cold yoghurts, milkshakes, and salads. Even if you don't often sell this stuff because of their storage demands, you can hire a cool room for proper storage while minting your profits as the days go by. However, how should your employees handle themselves when they are working in this new environment? Here is a look at some of the workplace reminders that your people should keep in mind when working in a cool room:

Wear Proper Gear at all Times

When you hire a cool room, some vendors will offer protective clothing for the people who will be handling the products. Some will just outline what is needed and leave you to buy what your employees need to wear in the cool room. Either way, it is important for your employees to wear protective gear at all times when they are working in these chilly surroundings. Put up reminders and warning signs at the entrance and other strategic locations reminding employees to wear protective gloves, helmets, nose pads and rubber boots whenever they want to go to the cool room.

Take Contingency Breaks

The working environment in a cool room is quite demanding compared to that in a normal room. The human body can only stand up to cold temperature for a certain period before the metabolism and work rate of the employees slows down. Therefore, it is advisable for employees to carry out operations in the cool room for around forty-five minutes and then take contingency breaks for around ten minutes after each session. In this way, they will be able to balance between productivity and the challenges posed by the cold conditions in the cool room. Breaks are very important for ensuring that your employees are not at the risk of suffering from cold-induced illnesses such as pneumonia.

Keep Off Caffeinated Drinks

Since they are working in a cold place, the first thing that will probably come to the mind of your employees is to have a warm drink. Not a bad idea, but they should stay off caffeinated drinks at all costs. Warm water will do in place of caffeinated drinks. Beverages such as tea and coffee contain a diuretic chemical called caffeine. Caffeine is notorious for causing dehydration and increasing the amount of blood flowing near the surface of the skin. This hastens the rate at which your employees will lose body heat and worsens the effect of the cold temperatures in the cool room.


11 January 2017

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Hi, my name is Pip. I work in the kitchen of a large hotel as a chef. Unfortunately, for a few months, the commercial refrigeration units in the kitchen kept breaking down. The manager of the hotel was very slow to act, so I had to figure out how to fix them myself. I searched the internet and read DIY books. In the end, I realised it was a faulty coil which was causing the problem. I replaced it, and the refrigeration unit has worked flawlessly ever since. Doing this inspired me to use my new found knowledge to fix other appliances, and I decided to start a blog to document my repairs