Top Load or Front Load - There's A Washing Machine For You!


There is some exciting technology surrounding the washing machine industry at the moment as the white goods market continues to innovate. Despite the advancement in washing technology, the biggest choice that many new consumers face is between front loading or top loading washing machines.

Each has its distinct advantages and it's important to understand how each one can save you time and money down the track to make sure you make the right decision when you hand over your hard-earned money. Breaking the two into their pros and cons, we can see where each shines and why one or the other may be better suited to your current situation and the demands which you washing needs will impose upon it.

Front Loaders

Pros: Overall, front load washing machines will use less energy, water, and detergent than their top loading competitors. This is thanks to the horizontal drum enlisting gravity to tumble the clothes. Additionally, front loaders are much quieter and have the potential to spin quicker.

Cons: While a front load washing machine can save you cost in the long run, it will be more expensive up front than a top loader. It will also take longer to complete a comparative cycle and can't be altered once the cycle has begun.

Top Loaders

Pros: The big guns of the washing machine world are all top loaders, which boast a significantly higher potential for capacity. Not only are they bigger, but they're much faster; completely cycles in half the time it would take a front load machine. Top load machines are more effective at utilising fabric softener and offer the flexibility to add clothes in during the middle of a cycle.

Cons: The increased capacity and fast cycle times come at a cost: energy. Overall, a top load washing machine will use more energy despite being initially cheaper to purchase. They also tend to be louder, particularly when overloaded, and produce a significant amount of lint in comparison to front load machines

The Verdict

There's a washing machine for every household. The difference between each confirm that it's best to shop around as much as you can when you're on the hunt for white goods. Whether you're a small household looking for an environmentally friendly front load machine or a large family which relies of the time efficiency of a large capacity top load machine, there's a washing machine out there for you!


30 December 2016

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