Smart Tips For Fixing Frost Build-Up In Your Freezer


The freezer is usually an essential component of your refrigerator unit that helps keep your food items preserved. However, excess ice can build up inside your freezer compartment. When this happens, you will definitely have reduced space to store your food items. More importantly, excessive frost or ice buildup inside your freezer can block the ventilation fans, which will affect their normal functioning. Fortunately, troubleshooting and fixing frost buildup in your freezer is easy. Here is what you should do:

Check The Position of Your Refrigerator

The first thing you want to check is the position of your refrigerator. Placing your refrigerator too close to the wall can lead to icing problems. That is, for your refrigerator to work properly, there must be enough room for circulation of air. With the unit placed too close to the walls, the room for the heat from the unit's compressor to dissipate will be inadequate. This means that for it to maintain the cool temperatures, your freezer will have to work much harder, and this will lead to formation of more ice.

Make Sure Your Freezer Door Closes Properly

A freezer door that doesn't shut properly could simply be caused by a protruding freezer bin or food item, so make sure all these are stuffed properly inside the freezer compartment. Damaged or broken freezer door seals are also major contributors to ice buildup because they allow warm air inside the freezer. The warm air usually contains water vapour. Therefore, when you place hot food items inside your freezer, the amount of water vapour inside your freezer will be more, leading to frost buildup. If you cannot see any signs of damage, use the dollar bill test to find out the condition of the seals. Close the bill in your freezer door and try pulling it out. If you manage to remove it without any resistance, you have to replace those seals.

Stuff Your Freezer Full

If you can, keep your freezer compartment as full as possible. Reducing the amount of empty space in your freezer also reduces the amount of air inside. Less air inside the freezer minimises the buildup of frost. When stocking your freezer, avoid placing hot items inside. Cool them to room temperature first to prevent frost buildup as a result of water vapour from the steaming hot items.  Also, remember to replace your large food packages with smaller ones. The smaller packs of food create relatively less ice or frost because they freeze better.

If your freezer is still having problems, contact a freezer repair service in your area for assistance.


12 December 2016

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